Friday, November 25, 2011

AD Creations news for winter

Winter is around the corner… …out of our homes – or our castles – it is very cold.
Our avatars are certainly not cold, but we have lots of fun to wear, is not it?
And then here is something special for this winter (I enjoyed it very much, I hope you will enjoy!)
I had a lot of fun because… the skeleton arm have a real Christmas light.. and… the Christmas ball.. have a… so.. you have to shake to see XD And the skate… I love ice skating ;)
- The GIFT
- AD Creations is on ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter!
On the Icecap Isle Cottages there is a  exclusive items (see pic)
The ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter will be held December 1st – 15th on the Sketch Pad Sim. This event is themed around all things magic and set in a cottage town with enchanted snowy gardens.

Special thanks to Wise Sandalwood for this lovely pic!

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